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How Do I Protect My Personal Residence? Part 1

BY Admin | January 27, 2021

For most people, our homes are our: safe space; our refuge; our abode of comfort, peace, and love. It is where we get away from the world. Our most asked question on our hotline is: “how do I protect my personal residence?” We will spend the next couple of weeks discussing this. Let’s consider a…

Asset Protection

6 Ways The Wealthy Save Thousands

BY Admin | January 11, 2021

The term, "the 1%" is thrown around a lot when it comes to talking about the wealthiest people in the world. They use that term as a way to describe how it's the "1%" that manages the rest of the country because of their financial power and status. Regardless if this term is accurate, this…

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What Your Attorney Isn’t Telling You About Asset Protection

BY Admin | June 3, 2020

Millions of individuals go to attorneys regularly in order to learn more about how to secure their assets, and how to keep those assets safe throughout the state and aging process. But not all attorneys have the same approach or philosophy about the problems associated with asset protection. There are many misconceptions about the process…

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Wills and Trusts: It’s Not Really About the Documents

BY Admin | January 27, 2019

The Siegel Law Group, P.A.By: Barry D. Siegel Wills and Trusts: It’s Not Really About the Documents For decades a debate raged in legal circles about which documents were better – wills or trusts. Members of the public didn’t really know the difference, but there was a perception that trusts were more complicated and expensive…

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