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How to Choose the Right Corporate Structure

BY Admin | February 23, 2017

Choosing the right structure for your business is important for several financial reasons. It is also an important decision from convenience and legal perspective as well. It will determine how you should pay your taxes, your personal liabilities, and how you can generate capital for your business. Thankfully, even if you have chosen a corporate…

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Estate Planning With a Trust: It’s Simpler Than You Think

BY Admin | February 23, 2017

Estate Planning can be confusing, but incorporating a trust may be a good way to start. Considering whether setting up a trust is the right option for your estate plan? They are a lot less complicated than you might think. Even if you are just starting to consider an estate plan, you have probably run…

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Shield Your Wealth: Effective Asset Protection Strategies to Use in 2017

BY Admin | February 22, 2017

Society today is litigious. Even the smallest mistake or oversight can trigger a lawsuit, whether you run a business, own real estate, or simply drive a car. One poor investment or business relationship can also result in creditors knocking at your door. Failing to have adequate insurance coverage or an insurance denial letter may also…

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Expert Interview Series: Matthew R. Etzler of Etzler Financial Advisors About Effective Wealth Management With the Goal of a Worry-Free Retirement

BY Admin | January 23, 2017

Matthew R. Etzler is an independent fiduciary advisor that helps people make smart decisions to live a more meaningful life and avoid costly mistakes along the way. We had a chance to speak with Matthew about the importance of financial planning and its role in helping Americans retire comfortably. Tell us a bit about your background.…

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