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Take Time To Create An Investment Plan That Works For You

BY Admin | April 23, 2022

The American dream is supported by the building of wealth. Whether it's attaining life-changing financial independence, securing a comfortable retirement, or paying for your kids’ education, a huge role in the success of many is played by what they invest in. Unfortunately, not everyone knows how to manage money or invest. Many families and individuals…

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What Can Creditors Do After Your Death?

BY Admin | April 18, 2022

With rare exceptions, no one wants to think about – much less talk about – what happens to their assets when they pass away. The thing is, estate planning is something that ends up being extremely important. When you die, does your debt die as well? Can debt be inherited? A total debt amount of…

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What Is The 2 Percent Rule In Real Estate Investing?

BY Admin | April 13, 2022

How much do you know about investments (stock market and real estate)? Enough to make a considerable amount of money? Absolutely nothing, but you would love to find out? Or somewhere in between? When it comes to investing strategies, you may have heard about something called the "2% rule". But is it a good idea?…

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Introducing Jay Mitton: The Father Of Asset Protection

BY Admin | March 31, 2022

Jay Mitton is known as the "Father of Asset Protection" for helping everyday people, including real estate investors and small business owners, protect assets from legal liability. In addition, he was renowned for emphasizing the importance of having a basic estate plan. He brought attention to the legal issue of liability quickly arising in the…

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