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Expert Interview Series: Brent Meyer of About Better Strategies for Retirement Planning

BY Admin | August 7, 2017

Brent Meyer is a wealth brokerage owner, publisher, and owner of, a national financial education center on safe retirement strategies. We had a chance to speak with Brent about annuities, life insurance policies, and the importance of retirement planning for longer lifespans. Tell us a bit about yourself. Why did you decide to start your…

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Why Single Member LLCs Don’t Work in 45 States

BY Admin | June 6, 2017

A limited liability company (“LLC”) mixes the tax benefits of a sole proprietorship or partnership with the asset protection of a corporation. It also has fewer formalities than a corporation, making it more cost-efficient and easier to meet filing obligations. Based on the many benefits of LLCs, it is easy to see why it is…

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Caution: Lack of Knowledge About LLCs May Be Harmful to Your Financial Wellbeing

BY Admin | May 31, 2017

A limited liability company (LLC) is a business structure that combines the benefits of both a corporation and a sole proprietorship or partnership. It offers pass-through taxation, if elected, with the added benefits of asset protection. LLCs are an excellent solution for business owners in many situations, but they may not be the best choice…

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Personal Vs. Business Asset Protection: Which is Better?

BY Admin | May 26, 2017

We live in a highly litigious society in which people can be the recipients of lawsuits whether they are at fault or not. If, for example, a friend of your daughter’s borrows the family car and accidentally accelerates when she was intending to brake in a parking lot, the resultant crash through a storefront window…

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