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Don Pendleton

President Protect Wealth Academy
Don Pendleton has been helping professionals properly structure themselves for lawsuit protection and tax reduction for nearly 20 years. He learned directly from Jay Mitton the “Father of Asset Protection.” Don has been the featured presenter during numerous seminars and workshops and has authored multiple textbooks and publications on the subjects including: “7 Legal Tools Made Easy,” “America’s Greatest Tax Secrets Revealed,” “The Asset Protection Handbook.”

GK Mangelson, CFP

Expert Presenter & Trainer
Mr. G.K. Mangelson is one of the nation’s top asset protection advisors and is a nationally recognized speaker. He has spent over 25 years helping professionals properly structure themselves for lawsuit protection, tax reduction and estate planning. His seminars have trained both professionals and the general public in every state.  He has lectured at scores of conventions, conferences and seminars across the country with rave reviews.

Clint Coons, J.D.

Nationally Recognized Asset Protection Attorney
Mr. Coons is a founding partner of Anderson Law Group. Mr. Coons’ book, Asset Protection for Real Estate Investors, has brought him national recognition as an expert in protection and tax planning for real estate investors. A real estate investor in his own right, Mr. Coons’ practice involves the structuring of land trusts, limited liability companies, and other business forms to shield investors from the myriad of challenges facing them in the new economy.

Scott Estill, J.D.

Former Lead Trial Attorney for the IRS
As a former lead trial attorney with the IRS Mr. Estill has over 28 years of legal experience, Mr. Estill is a recognized national tax expert on advising individuals and business owners on tax planning and controversy issues with the IRS. Scott is a frequent national radio and television guest lecturer, instructor, and seminar speaker at various events, conferences and seminars across the country.

Aaron Adams, MBA

Turnkey Real Estate Investors
Aaron has a diverse range of real estate investing experience and owns a thriving property management and real estate investment company. Aaron has spoken and taught thousands of investors at across the country. His network of investors stretches from Singapore to London and all over the U.S. Few have the experience with thousands of properties over 10 years.

Dennis Blitz

Expert Self-Directed IRAs
Dennis Blitz is President of The IRA Club  offering Self Directed IRAs. Mr. Blitz enjoyed a 30 year career as “investment educator to the pros” and gained recognition as a leader in the field of education for financial professionals, first as founder of the Blitz School, and later as President of America’s most respected professional education provider, Dearborn Financial Publishing based in Chicago.

Mike Coval

Market Strategist, Trader
Mr. Coval is a professional speaker and trader with decades of experience helping others to easily understand the markets and how to successfully trade for themselves. Mike Coval is the author of “A Trader on Wall Street” as well as hundreds of other published articles. He has a low risk approach to trading the markets and specializes in repairing and reversing trades.

Stacy Acevedo

Financial Strategist, Stock Market Investors, Trainer
Stacy Acevedo is a well respected financial professional. Once a Beverly Hills broker for the top 2% of the nations wealth holders, Stacy now is a featured presenter and successful trader for industry trade shows.
Stacy has a way of taking complicated subjects and making them easy to understand. Both her experience and active investing make her a leading expert in options, spreads, condors and other effective strategies.

Harold Goldman

Tax Free Retirement Planning
Harold is the founder of FinancialSafetyNet.org, and a Retirement Planning and Long-Term Care specialist. He is also the President of Emes Insurance Services, Inc., a Murrieta based insurance agency designed to help people with Retirement Planning and funding for College. I believe in educating my clients to become financially competent in an effort to develop plans for guaranteed income, protection against loss and tax-advantaged growth.

Michael Bowman, J.D.

Corporate Compliance Attorney
Mr. Bowman is a Partner with Anderson Law Group. Mr. Bowman received his Juris Doctor from Seattle University School of Law and is licensed to practice in multiple states. His experience includes commercial and civil litigation, construction defect law, complex real estate transactions, and business law.

Kendal Blunck, MBA

Events & Marketing
Texas A&M Commerce MBA with over 15 years experience Kendal has extensive knowledge and experience helping others to understand and implement Asset Protection, Tax, Estate Planning and Wealth Creation strategies. He brings hands-on and technical experience he learned over years from the pros.

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