For decades we have been helping dental professionals plan, prepare and execute a plan for building and protecting their business and personal assets. By using specific legal structures such as LLCs, Corporations, and Trusts, we can take nearly any sized estate or business and legally protect the assets, reduce taxes and create an effective estate plan.



Generally, dentists undergo many years of extensive training and lead busy careers. Because of these expectations, many dentists may invest a massive amount of time and energy into their career. Hence, during (and after) their career, they may not have as well-developed an asset protection, tax and estate plan as professionals in other industries.

How We Can Help Dentists

Protect Wealth Academy can help dentists through the following:

  • Asset Protection

As you accumulate wealth, you may eventually disperse your wealth into various equities and assets such as a home, rental property, a car, or land. However, these assets may be at risk of duplicitous creditors who may attempt to take control of these assets by filing unscrupulous lawsuits against you. Protect Wealth Academy can help prepare you against these scammers by protecting your assets before they come under threat.

  • Stock Market Training

For many, investments in the stock markets can be a fantastic way of diversifying their portfolio and promoting passive income growth. However, for individuals who may not be experienced in finance, the stock market can be a scary and risky place. Protect Wealth Academy helps you by giving you access to top investing experts and advisors.

  • Income Tax Reduction

As you progress in your career, your total annual income may also increase and place you within larger tax brackets, capital gains and other taxes. If you’re unsure what this means, and how it may affect you, Protect Wealth Academy runs webinars, events and access to the experts who can help you put an effective tax plan in place.

The only certainty in life is death and taxes. Don’t get bogged down by the intricacies and nuances of tax services and regulations. At Protect Wealth Academy, our team of tax experts is happy to guide you through understanding how our tax system works and will work to guide and assist you through any obstacles you may encounter.

  • Estate Planning

In the unfortunate event of an unlikely passing, you will want all your assets to be protected and safely passed on to your surviving relatives. We at Protect Wealth Academy understand this desire and our team of estate planning experts are highly experienced in making the transition of assets as seamless as possible.

  • IRA Custodians

At Protect Wealth Academy, we run programs and provide training tools on self-directed IRAs for our clients who are interested in using them to maximize returns on assets and investments.

Why Should Dentists Work with Protect Wealth Academy?

Don’t wait until retirement before you begin thinking about improving your approach to financial management. Start early with access to the experts and advisors that can make it simple for you to protect and grow your assets.

If you have any questions about Protect Wealth Academy’s services for dentists, feel free to contact us today.

Why should you attend?

Why should you attend?

The summit has been very eye-opening and full of information! Thank you.

Roxanne Richardson

Roxanne Richardson

What I learned?

What I learned?

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