Total Asset Protection Handbook

A comprehensive textbook on the principles of asset protection including 18 unique case studies and diagrams with an entire chapter devoted to frequently asked questions.

Total Asset Protections Secrets eBook

Total Asset Protection Secrets

Written by Some of the Foremost Asset Protection Experts in the World. Learn the secrets of how to:

  • Protect Your Bank and Brokerage Accounts
  • Protect Your Retirement Plans
  • Protect Your Rental Properties
  • Protect Your Small Business
  • Chapter 1:Protecting Essential Assets – How to protect your business and personal assets such as your personal residence, small business, rental properties, farm, retirement, bank accounts and other investments from the threats of lawsuits using tools such as Limited Partnerships, LLCs, Corporations and Trusts.
  • Chapter 2:The 11 Tools of Asset Protection – This chapter covers how to use LLCs, Family Limited Partnerships, Corporations, Trusts (Land Trusts, Living Trusts, Offshore Trusts, etc) to structure your estate so that it is protected from liability, tax reduction and estate planning.
  • Chapter 3:Case Studies & Solutions – Case studies and real-world examples of personal and business estates. Diagrams and detailed explanations on how to structure your estate. Examples cover everything from a basic estate that nearly everyone needs all the way up to a very sophisticated business. Rental properties, medical/dental practice, small business, etc.
  • Chapter 4:Frequently Asked Questions – The most common questions related to the setup and maintenance of using entities to protect assets and reduce taxes. Appendices:One of the most important parts of the Handbook include detailed cases and checklists such as
    • Entity setup and maintenance requirements
    • State-by-state charging order status and cases
    • State-by-state charging order ranking and analysis
    • State Homestead Exemption Amounts
    • IRA Creditor Protection by State
    • Safe Vehicle Exemption Amounts


Written by Some of the Foremost Asset Protection Experts in the World

The Most Important Book Every Written On Asset Protection

© 2022 – 11th Edition

A comprehensive textbook on the principles of asset protection discussing America’s increasing lawsuit epidemic and showing today’s most effective, court-proven strategies to protect one’s assets.

This book is a “must read” for business owners, real estate investors, medical professionals, or anyone who is interested in acquiring, protecting, and passing on their wealth. The Total Asset Protection Handbook discusses the best legal structures and strategies to protect a family’s essential assets with colored diagrams outlining strategies for some of the most common business situations.

Important Topics Discussed:
  • How to Protect Your:
    • Personal Residence
    • Rental Properties
    • Bank & Brokerage Accounts
    • Intellectual Property
    • Business Assets
    • Personal Assets
  • How to Correctly Form:
    • LLCs
    • Family Limited Partnerships
    • Corporations
    • Land Trusts
    • Revocable Living Trusts
    • Charitable Remainder Trusts
  • State-Specific Appendices Showing:
    • IRA Creditor Protection
    • Homestead Exemptions
    • Vehicle Exemption Amounts
    • Probate Thresholds
    • Charging Order Statutes and Cases
    • Charging Order Ranking & Analysis
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • 18 Unique Case Studies with Analysis & Diagrams
  • Maintenance Requirements for all Your Legal Entities

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