Past Speakers & Topics:

GK Mangelson, CFPCharitable Remainder Trusts & Family Foundations
GK Mangelson, CFPRevocable Living Trusts & Estate Planning
Nick Paleveda, MBA, JD, LLMDefined Benefit Plans
Scott L. Soelberg, JD, LLMCustomized LLC Operating Agreements
Toby Mathis, JD, LLMBenefiting from the CARES Act & PPP Loans
Toby Mathis, JD, LLCBuilding Business Credit
Stephanie Long, JD, LLMPreparing for an IRS Audit
Jay W. Mitton, MBA, JDThe History of Asset Protection
Manny Singh, JDBuying Real Estate Through Bankruptcy Courts
Michael B. Bowman, JDProper Maintenance of a Corporation
Michael B. Bowman, JDProper Legal Structures for Market Investors
Howard Neiswender, JDOff-shore Tax & Asset Protection Planning
Cole S. Cannon, JDPrenuptial Agreements & Divorce Planning
JJ Childers, JDTax Planning Strategies
Steven RufCost Segregation
Greg Boots, JDLife Insurance as a Wealth Building Tool
John Anderson, JDUnderstanding Revocable Living Trusts
Robert Shemin, JDMaking Money in Real Estate
Jim C. ManuelMedicare, Medicaid, and Medi-Cal Planning
Bret W. HortonLifecare Planning for Special Needs Family Members
Chris TerryInvesting in International Currencies
Rob McConnell, CPAAccounting & Record Keeping for Your Business
Aaron AdamsReal Estate in Today’s Markets
Aaron AdamsGetting Started In Real Estate with Mobile Homes
Aaron AdamsInvesting in AirBNB and VRBO
Barry D. Seigel, JDMedicaid Planning & Veteran’s Benefits
James SmithGetting Started in Real Estate
Dale WestMost Commonly Missed Tax Deductions
Dale WestSelecting the Best Tax Method for Your Business
Curtis BanksMoney Smart Education
Alex GardnerIdentity Theft Protection
Chad McCallCurrent Trends in Real Estate Investing
Dennis BlitzCreative Investing Using Self-Directed IRAs
Dennis BlitzMaximizing Your IRA
Doug AndrewHow Money Really Works
George AntoneBank on Yourself
Craig Sheanshang10 Things to Do Before the End of the Year
Harold GoldmanTax-Free Retirement Planning
Harold GoldmanThe Best Time to Apply for Social Security Benefits
Joey MillerBasics of Stock Market Investing
Jill BannerRoth IRA Conversions
Mark LarsonTax Advantages of Investing in Oil & Gas
Randall L. Skeen, JDPreparing for Divorce
Robert StubergCreating Your Ultimate Destiny
Jean-Marc LandauInvesting in Multi-Family Real Estate
Brandon BoydDigital Currencies
Scott CarterInvesting in Precious Metals
Josh ZettlerDebt Elimination
Josh ZettlerBusiness Protection and Valuation
George Wright IIIMillionaire Mindset

Current Speakers & Topics:

Clint Coons, JDWyoming Statutory Trusts
Clint Coons, JDCorporate Pension Plans
Clint Coons, JDCalifornia Legal Structuring
Clint Coons, JDEnd-of-Year Planning for Your Business
Clint Coons, JDBest Legal Structures for Oil & Gas Investors
Clint Coons, JDWills, Trusts, Advance Directives & Powers of Attorney
Clint Coons, JDPitfalls of Doing Your Own Estate Planning
Scott M. Estill, JDTax Planning Under the Bidden Administration
Scott M. Estill, JDLast-minute Tax Tips
Scott M. Estill, JDTax Traps for the Real Estate Investor
Scott M. Estill, JDEnd-of-Year Tax Strategies
Scott M. Estill, JDTax Considerations for Oil & Gas Investors
Chris JohnsonFinding Money – Grants, Loans & Scholarships
Don PendletonAsset Protection for Californians
Don PendletonProtecting Your Personal Residence
Don PendletonSteps for Forming a Corporation
Don PendletonThe Basics of Tax Reduction
Don PendletonWhen is it Too Late for Asset Protection?
Don PendletonHow to Form a LLC or Family Limited Partnership
Don PendletonAsset Protection for the Real Estate Investor
Don PendletonAsset Protection for the Stock Market Investor
Don PendletonAsset Protection for Residential Assisted Living Home Owner
Steven R. Sumsion, JDDispute Resolution Strategies
Steven R. Sumsion, JDConsiderations When Selling or Buying a Business
Joel Jensen, CPAAvoid Overpaying Taxes By Thinking Like the Big Accounting Firms
Gene GuarinoProfiting from Residential Assisted Living
Gene GuarinoProfiting from Shared Housing Group Homes
Gene GuarinoPitch Masters Sales Training
Robert J. BluhmToday’s Sources of Lawsuits
Kwame J. Granderson, JDRaising Capital – Understanding SEC Rules & Regulations
Kwame J. Granderson, JDMillionaire Mindset – Limiting Beliefs that are Holding You Back
Patrick JamesPractical Tax Savings Tips
Mike CovalStock Market Strategies That Beat the Professionals
Mike CovalInvesting in Cryptocurrencies

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