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New Law Brings Great Relief for Californians

BY Admin | March 1, 2021 After years of having homestead laws that were supposed to protect the homeowner, the state of California has finally decided to play the game with the right game piece. State homestead exemptions give protection, up to a certain dollar amount, to a debtor, to protect a home and its equity from seizure by a judgment…
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Navigating California’s Estate and Inheritance Tax Laws

BY Protect Wealth | June 21, 2024

California's estate and inheritance tax laws require careful consideration to avoid costly mistakes. Whether you're dealing with substantial assets or gifting a family heirloom, knowing the intricacies of these laws can shield your legacy and provide peace of mind. While the federal government imposes an estate tax on estates valued above a certain threshold, California…

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Importance of Having a California-Specific Tax Advisor for Success

BY Protect Wealth | June 19, 2024

As a California business owner, investor, or individual with substantial assets in the state, you're probably well aware of the complexities of navigating state tax laws. A discerning eye knows that having a local expert with a deep understanding of these regulations can be the difference between success and stress. By partnering with a California-specific…

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Understanding California’s Capital Gains Tax and Its Impact on Investments

BY Protect Wealth | June 17, 2024

As a savvy investor or entrepreneur in California, understanding the ins and outs of capital gains tax is crucial for making informed financial decisions. California's tax landscape can be notoriously complex, and ignorance is far from bliss; it can significantly impact your bottom line and investment returns. By educating yourself on specific capital gains tax…

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Impact of California’s Tax Laws on Investment Strategies

BY Protect Wealth | June 14, 2024

As an investor or business owner in the Golden State, understanding the impact of California tax laws on investment strategies is crucial. With some of the highest tax rates in the nation, California's unique tax landscape can significantly influence your financial decisions and overall returns. As you embark on your investment journey, it's crucial to…

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