For decades we have been helping medical professionals plan, prepare and execute a plan for building and protecting their business and personal assets. By using specific legal structures such as LLCs, Corporations, and Trusts, we can take nearly any sized estate or business and legally protect the assets, reduce taxes and create an effective estate plan.



We understand that medical professionals, throughout their careers, tend to invest a lot of time into their demanding careers. Because of this, when they do finally retire and leave the industry, they may not have as well-developed an asset protection, tax and estate plan as professionals in other industries.

How We Can Help Retired Medical Professionals

Protect Wealth Academy can help retired medical professionals through the following:

  • Asset Protection

Assets can come in the forms of housing, properties, and even businesses. If you have valuable assets, potential creditors may attempt to take control of assets by filing a lawsuit against you. Once you’ve earned any amount of wealth, it is always good to plan to protect your assets in advance. Protect Wealth Academy can work with you to create a protection plan that is designed specifically for the types of assets that you’re holding.

  • Stock Market Training

By now, almost everyone is aware that keeping all your wealth in a bank is an unsound investment plan in the long run. Over time, even with the interest your bank offers, inflation depreciates the total value of your savings, and you end up losing money. The most popular and effective solution is to invest that money in the stock market, but this may be a scary prospect for those who don’t understand how it works. And trusting your hard-earned assets to just anyone can cost you a large portion of your investments to high costs, risk and loss. Protect Wealth Academy makes things easier for you by bringing in top experts and advisors who can help you understand and implement a low-risk plan.

  • Income Tax Reduction

As you accumulate wealth, you may also begin to consider strategies to reduce your income, capital gain and estate taxes. Protect Wealth Academy provides many resources, events, experts and webinars to help guide you in your planning.

  • Estate Planning

In the event of your passing, you will want to have already carefully considered who will be taking over certain aspects of your estate. Our team at Protect Wealth Academy believes in making the transition of assets as seamless as possible and will work with you to come up with a personalized plan for you and your assets.

  • IRA Custodians

Understanding how to utilize self-directed IRAs to maximize returns on your assets and investments can be a useful skill. Did you know you can use IRAs and other tax deferred accounts to invest in just about anything? Real estate, currencies, crypto and other non-traditional assets can be held in qualified retirement accounts with the right custodian.

Why Should Retired Medical Professionals Work with Protect Wealth Academy?

It’s never too late to begin learning how to improve your approach to personal finance management. At Protect Wealth Academy we have plenty of experience working with individuals without finance or business backgrounds in guiding them to take control of their finances.

If you have any questions about Protect Wealth Academy’s services for retired medical professionals, feel free to contact us today.

Why should you attend?

Why should you attend?

The summit has been very eye-opening and full of information! Thank you.

Roxanne Richardson

Roxanne Richardson

What I learned?

What I learned?

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