For your Arizona business, your family, and/or yourself, you want to do all you can to protect your assets. You and your family’s future security, your very peace of mind, and even your family legacy could be at stake. It’s crucial to not only build but protect your wealth. If you could gain insight, education, and strategies from financial and legal experts, would you? Just such an opportunity is easier than ever through the services of Protect Wealth Academy.

About Arizona

Here’s some tax/financial information regarding Arizona that may interest you:

  • Arizona income tax rates can range from 2.59% to 8%.
  • The household exemption in Arizona is $150,000.
  • For inheritance tax rates/state estate tax, you’ll only be taxed on the amount exceeding $11.58 million if your estate is valued above that amount.
  • Capital gains tax rates in Arizona are at 4.50%.
  • The safe vehicle exemption amount is $6000 or, for disabled or elderly debtors/spouses, it’s $12,000.
  • Both Roth IRA creditor protection and traditional IRA creditor protection are in place in Arizona.
  • Homestead exemption amounts for Arizona dictate that sale proceeds are exempt either until a new home is purchased or 18 months after the sale – whichever comes first.

Asset Protection and Wealth Creation Services in Arizona

Unfortunately, if you have significant assets, have worked hard, done well, and maybe even own a business, any minute, a lawsuit could come knocking. Someone can file a lawsuit against you even if you’re not at fault.

Before potentially damaging events even occur, do what you can to protect yourself. Thousands or even millions of dollars could be on the line. Familiarizing yourself with asset protection is your best bet. To keep your assets intact, a plan must be developed. Safeguard your personal property, cash, bonds, stocks, real estate, and other assets against creditors and/or potential litigants to the best of your ability.

To do this, you need education and information. Protect Wealth Academy can help.

Learn from America’s Greatest Attorneys & Trainers in Arizona

We have the best advisors, attorneys, and experts in their fields. some of our attorneys are nationally recognized in asset protection and are, themselves, real estate investors. These are expert educators, investors, authors, and trainers.

Why Choose Protect Wealth Academy?

Are you interested in real estate training, self-directed IRAs, bookkeeping, stock market training, income tax reduction, estate planning and/or asset protection? If so, we have a team that can provide the assistance you need.

You have worked hard for the wealth you’ve acquired. Find the best ways to increase it and guard it through the services and opportunities offered courtesy of Protect Wealth Academy. We can help you protect your estate against judgments and/or lawsuits. We can show you how to eliminate or reduce estate taxes and probate. If you’d like to significantly lower your income taxes, create consistent positive income streams, get safe, double-digit returns, and more, we can provide invaluable aid. 

Contact us today if you have any questions about our wealth and asset protection training services in Arizona.

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