California has become one of the most litigious states in the country and is home to more lawsuits, high taxes, litigation, and threats to your estate than just about any other.

Asset Protection strategies can be very different in California because:

  • California law now allows the liquidation of an LLC membership interest!
  • Maintaining legal entities in California can be cost prohibitive!
  • Transferring real estate into legal entities can cause property tax reassessment if done incorrectly!
  • Mortgage companies are watching to call the loans due on low interest mortgages if transfers do not meet their standards!
  • California’s up to 13% additional long-term capital gains rate.
  • The high cost and extensive time of probate in California.
  • California is perhaps the most litigious state in the nation!

If you haven’t started protecting your wealth, it is never too early to embark on your journey today. Protect Wealth Academy can connect you to the best advisors and attorneys who are well-versed in every aspect of legal and financial practices. We strive to help you safeguard your hard-earned assets to prevent them from being claimed by potential litigators and creditors. Work with us today to ensure you get to enjoy the earnings that you have worked hard for over the past decades for retirement and your loved ones.

Asset Protection and Wealth Creation Services in California

Asset protection may not be as simple as it seems. It requires careful expertise from experienced professionals like attorneys and investors who possess years of experience handling various financial processes across an extensive portfolio of client profiles. Through asset protection, you can rest assured knowing that your cash, real estate, bonds, stocks, and more will be safe from lawsuits that can land you in deep financial trouble. When you have achieved so much, you would want to protect it at all costs to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Do not let potential litigators or creditors take away what you truly deserve. Our attorneys can work with you to ensure that what is rightfully yours will remain yours to keep for many more years to come.

Learn from America’s Greatest Attorneys & Trainers who are well versed in California law

Proper planning is key when it comes to asset protection and wealth management. We have the necessary resources to link you up with the nation’s leading attorneys and investors who can help you maintain all your finances while also building them up through the proper channels. Whether you are running a business or have worked hard over the past decades to be where you are today, we will make sure your financial status remains that way. Safeguard your earnings from potential lawsuits that can hit you hard both financially and mentally.

Why Choose Protect Wealth Academy?

Choose Protect Wealth Academy to work with leading attorneys across the nation as well as world-class investors who can help you build wealth and protect your assets. We have the necessary industry expertise to manage your earnings through the proper avenues so you can prevent yourself from getting embroiled in expensive lawsuits that can be detrimental to your financial standing. For clients who wish to expand their investment portfolio to build on their current assets to reach their long-term financial vision, our investors can point you in the right direction. If you have any questions about Protect Wealth Academy’s services in California, feel free to contact us today.

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