Massachusetts has a $1 million estate tax exemption rate. If your estate is worth more than a million dollars, money is owed to the state before it can be disbursed to heirs. It is important to note that this Massachusetts tax rate applies to your entire estate. Due to tax and legal issues, inheriting a home or estate isn’t always straightforward. In addition, the Massachusetts Uniform Fraudulent Transfer Act prohibits individuals from transferring assets to avoid current claims or debts. That’s why some people use irrevocable trusts to protect trust beneficiaries and their assets from unforeseen creditors or other future uncertainties.

With Protect Wealth Academy, you can achieve all of your financial goals and aspirations. Whether you are a business owner, accountant, real estate investor, medical professional, or a simple investor, you can benefit from our world-class financial education, strategies, and services. In addition, we also have a team of America’s greatest attorneys and experts to help you protect your wealth, reduce your income taxes, and enjoy future security. 

Asset Protection and Wealth Creation Services

Asset protection and wealth-building are two of the most in-demand financial services among individuals, investors, and company owners alike.  This is because no one wants their hard-earned assets to be at risk, and instead, everyone wants to feel financially secure. And that means having sufficient money for their future (or retirement) and accumulating sufficient capital to achieve their aspirations.

Many understand that in today’s world, asset protection is no longer optional. After all, those that are financially ignorant or not well protected will be at risk of losing their finances (such as through a lawsuit). Thus, you should consider Protect Wealth Academy in Massachusetts to enjoy personalized asset protection and wealth creation services.

Learn from America’s Greatest Attorneys & Trainers

Here at Protect Wealth Academy, you can also join the 3-day Asset Protection & Wealth Creation Summits. Not only will you gain a personal financial blueprint, but you can also enjoy one-to-one consultations with America’s greatest attorneys and trainers. Some of the wealth creation strategies that you can learn include significantly lowering your income and estate taxes, creating consistent passive income, and getting safe, double-digit returns. By attending the summit, you will also learn how to protect your estate from lawsuits and judgments, and earn a free Danko book called “Richer Than a Millionaire”.

Why Choose Protect Wealth Academy?

Not only does Protect Wealth Academy have a team of well-known attorneys, and advisors, but these experts are also highly experienced in the financial sector. Hence we have the necessary expertise to help you achieve your final aspirations and freedom.

We also provide numerous financial services including estate planning, asset protection, income tax reduction, and wealth protection. Hence, choose Protect Wealth Academy to benefit from all these services and build your wealth and prevent your assets from being seized today. Contact us today if you have any queries about Protect Wealth Academy’s services in Massachusetts.

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