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About Wisconsin

By revenue, the largest industries in Wisconsin are property, casualty and direct insurance, health and medical insurance, and life insurance and annuities. These account for over $125 billion in revenue in 2022 alone. By sector, real estate, rental and leasing, healthcare and social assistance, as well as manufacturing, represent almost half of the state’s GDP in 2022. Meanwhile, 41.8% of the state’s current workers are employed in retail trade and information, as well as healthcare and social assistance. Aside from being primarily focused on manufacturing, healthcare, and agriculture, Wisconsin is also the leading producer of cheese in the United States.

Some hard facts about Wisconsin tax/financial information include:

  • Wisconsin has a graduated individual income tax rate, which ranges from 3.54% to 7.56%
  • Wisconsin has a corporate income tax rate of 7%
  • Wisconsin has a 5% state sales tax rate, with the average combined local and state tax rate standing at 5.43%

Wealth Creation and Asset Protection Services

When it comes to achieving your financial goals in Wisconsin, you will require wealth creation and asset services. Strong asset protection strategies can help you safeguard your real estate, cash, bonds, and other assets while at the same time limiting your creditors’ access to these assets. At Protect Wealth Academy, you will learn how to expand and invest in your protected assets to best meet your family and retirement goals. Join a host of financially-savvy individuals and business owners in exploring wealth creation and asset protection services today.

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At Protect Wealth Academy, we work with the top trainers, lawyers, and investors in America to provide our clients with world-class financial services and education. Our partners include:

  • Best-selling authors
  • Real estate investment and estate planning experts
  • Highly-regarded tax strategists and attorneys
  • National leaders in asset protection
  • Traders and investors with over 20 years of experience

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Enjoy peace of mind and learn to reach your financial goals with Protect Wealth Academy. Our experienced professionals can help guide you to take control of your financial freedom today. If you live in Wisconsin and are looking to grow and safeguard your wealth, there is no better time than today to get started. Take the next step for yourself and your heirs in the future today, and learn how to manage and grow your wealth with us.

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