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Asset and Wealth Management: A Holistic Approach to Planning for Now and Later

asset and wealth management

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one-stop-shop where you could get advice for all of your personal finances?

Well, there is. It’s called ‘asset and wealth management, and it streamlines the financial advising process by combining the advice of financial advisors in every realm of personal

Asset and Wealth Management: What is it, and How Does it Work?

In a nutshell, wealth management is a professional service that offers high-net-worth individuals advice on investments, taxes, accounting, retirement planning, legal/estate planning, and more, all in one shop, and all for one flat rate.

Rather than hopping from one advisor to the next, clients only consult with one wealth manager whose duty is to coordinate all the advice from various experts. Wealth managers provide consultation services to their clients to help guide them through a variety of financial products to determine which ones are right for them.

The ultimate goal of the wealth manager is to fully understand the individual and determine exactly what’s important to the client and why. After this, the manager will then be able to more accurately decide which financial experts need to be consulted with.

Bringing all financial advice in one shop makes it easier to get all the information you require without the hassle. These days where pensions plans are dwindling, it’s important for people to devise their own pension plan, and identify their own specific liabilities and comfort level for risks.

Many people have a somewhat distorted view of their retirement nest egg: rather than seeing it as a pool of funds that must generate money throughout retirement, many view it as just another account that can be tapped into whenever the need arises. That’s precisely why people should consider consulting with financial advisors.

Risk management also plays a key role in wealth management. Anything can happen in the future that isn’t anticipated in the present day. Lawsuits, divorce, malpractice, and a myriad of other scenarios can put your accrued wealth at risk. In addition to coming up with effective ways to grow your wealth, you’ve also got to take steps to protect it. That’s another important way that asset and wealth management can be invaluable.

These financial plans can be revisited on a regular basis to ensure that they are relevant for your financial position today and in the future. For instance, marriage, divorce, death, job changes, and other situations can significantly change your financial position. As such, your investments, estate plan, will, and other financially related plans should be adjusted to reflect these changes so they more accurately accommodate your needs.

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