How Much Disability Insurance Do I Need as a Physician?

BY Protect Wealth | March 18, 2024

Disability can strike anyone at any time, and physicians are not immune to this risk. That's where disability insurance comes in—a crucial form of protection that can provide financial security when a physician is unable to practice due to a disability. Disability insurance, in simple terms, is a type of insurance that provides income replacement…


What To Know About FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund

BY Admin | July 27, 2023

The FDIC keeps your money safe even if your bank goes out of business. However, it's not necessarily as simple or straightforward as that sounds. If you want to save your money in a bank, it's important to understand FDIC’s Deposit Insurance Fund and why it's important. Background Information on the FDIC and Its Role…

Finances, Insurance, Tax Planning

Women Need Life Insurance Too! Protect Loved Ones and Find Tax-Advantaged Savings

BY Admin | August 3, 2021

By Harold Goldman Women now makeup nearly half of the workforce and are a more central part of a family’s income than ever, yet they are also consistently under-covered and under-funded when it comes to life insurance. According to a 2013 Pew research study, women are increasingly the primary breadwinners among American families. Four (4) in ten (10) American households…

Finances, Insurance

Get Smart About Insurance: Filling the Gap and Trimming the Fat

BY Admin | July 26, 2021

We’ve all seen those cheeky Farmers Insurance commercials – “You thought you were covered for this [huge pool], when you were really only covered for this [teenie pond] or how you figured you’re covered for this [family car], but you’re actually paying for this [luxury sports car]…”, but they’re right, do you know what is…

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