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We are Thankful for YOU!

BY Admin | December 3, 2021

As we reflect back on the year, we are grateful for the challenges and growth that we all have gone through this year, our personal lives, business, and relationships have matured through education and increased understanding, sadness and sorrow, love, economic and financial changes. Through it all, we have each had marvelous and exciting experiences!…

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Perform a Mid Year Review of Your Investment Portfolio for Greater Success by Years End

BY Admin | July 26, 2021

How do investors plan? While nobody can predict the future, investors should know what to expect in terms of uncertainty and seasonal effects affecting the global market over the next six months. Smart investors should perform a semi-annual examination of their holdings to ensure their portfolio is still performing according to your priorities. So before…

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How Do I Protect My Personal Residence? Part 3

BY Admin | February 8, 2021

Welcome to part three, the final part of our series on how to protect our personal residences. In part two we discussed a couple of common protection methods. Today we will discuss here a couple more. If you would like to know more or discuss your personal situation, call us at 800-276-1430. Equity Stripping: Equity…

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How Do I Protect My Personal Residence? Part 2

BY Admin | February 3, 2021

For most people, our homes are our safe space; our refuge; our abode of comfort, peace, and love. It is where we get away from the world. Our most asked question on our hotline is: “how do I protect my personal residence?”  This week we will look at some Common Protection Methods. Again, solutions are…

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