Small Business

Side Hustles for Physicians To Increase Their Wealth

BY Protect Wealth | March 4, 2024

Are you looking to expand your financial horizons beyond your medical practice? While doctors may already have a significant salary, tapping into additional income streams can provide financial security and create even more opportunities for growth. If you're eager to double your salary and unlock new avenues of wealth, then exploring side hustles tailored for…

Small Business

What Business Structure Suits Small Enterprises Best?

BY Protect Wealth | October 24, 2023

Understanding and choosing the most suitable business structure is a stepping stone toward defining your small enterprise's future success. This critical decision affects numerous aspects of your business operations, from daily management duties to taxation policies, and even to the level of personal liability one might have to take on.  Small enterprises typically consider four…

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We are Thankful for YOU!

BY Admin | December 3, 2021

As we reflect back on the year, we are grateful for the challenges and growth that we all have gone through this year, our personal lives, business, and relationships have matured through education and increased understanding, sadness and sorrow, love, economic and financial changes. Through it all, we have each had marvelous and exciting experiences!…

Small Business

Why Single-Family Homes?

BY Admin | April 17, 2018

Single-family homes have the highest liquidity of virtually any type of real estate. –Aaron Adams, Realt estate investor Single-family homes as an asset class. I hear all the time, “why would I want single-family homes?” I want apartment complexes, or I am more interested in a commercial property or, I want to do an Airbnb house.…

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