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How to Choose the Right Corporate Structure

BY Admin | February 23, 2017

Choosing the right structure for your business is important for several financial reasons. It is also an important decision from convenience and legal perspective as well. It will determine how you should pay your taxes, your personal liabilities, and how you can generate capital for your business. Thankfully, even if you have chosen a corporate…

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Expert Interview Series: Cary Carbonaro, Author of The Money Queen Guide, About Financial Literacy and Wealth and Asset Management for Women

BY Admin | December 22, 2016

Cary Carbonaro, CFP® MBA, is an award-winning, nationally-known personal finance expert, the managing director of United Capital, a dynamic keynote speaker, a CFP Ambassador, and the author of the best-selling Money Queen Guide. We had a chance to chat with Cary about financial literacy challenges that women face and how to overcome them. Tell us a…

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