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7 Reasons You Need Asset Lawsuit Protection

BY Admin | July 19, 2018

Imagine that you and your best friend own a car washing business as a “hand-shake” partnership. No one details cars like your employees, and over time you have developed a booming business. Part of your service involves picking up vehicles while your customers are at work or shopping to avoid the hassle of having to…

Asset Protection, Real State

Will Your Estate Plan Work The Way It Should?

BY Admin | June 14, 2018

Although estate planning documents may be signed, the estate planning process is not complete until asset titles are changed so that they can be controlled by those documents. The act of retitling assets is called funding. So, when the estate planning attorney or your financial advisor speaks of funding your trust, for example, he or…

Asset Protection, Tax Planning

Corporations As a Tax Shelter in 2017

BY Admin | May 22, 2018

Reposted from 02/23/2017 Creating a corporation can be a great form of asset protection – but did you know that a corporation can be a tax shelter as well? A tax shelter is a legal way to decrease or minimize taxable income, which reduces your overall tax liability. The simple act of incorporating does not…

Asset Protection, Real State


BY Admin | May 15, 2018

How much can I make? That is a common question I get when people come to the Academy to learn about Residential Assisted Living. There are 2 directions that you can go. Own the Real Estate and rent it to an operatorOwn the Real Estate AND operate the Residential Assisted Living business as well. If…

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